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AmCon's litter fence is designed to act as a passive barrier, capturing and containing solid waste before it can further pollute the water and harm aquatic ecosystems. 

Untitled design (58).png

Tenax Cintoflex Debris Fence can be used around the entire perimeter of a landfill or on top of individual cells to keep debris in.


Litter fences can also be used anywhere debris is a problem and with product heights ranging from 5-15 feet its potential applications are wide. 


  • Controls debris where it's a problem

  • Keeps debris and trash in specific areas


  • Lightweight - easy to carry and handle

  • UV stabilized - long lasting

  • Reusable, recyclable and affordable

  • Won't rust, rot or corrode

  • Easy to install and premium grade

  • Keeps litter in and animals out

  • Stays in peak working condition even in severe weather

  • Fewer man hours for debris clean up means more time for other projects

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